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   Taiwan Yacht Promotion Association
Taiwan Yacht Association

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Promote yacht sailing-related marine activities through experience and knowledge education such as ship management and driving, and combine yacht sailing-related industry talent resources to provide practical research on Taiwan's ocean sightseeing, boat driving training, dock berthing, yacht sailing management transactions, etc., so as to allow more people Engage in the industry; activate the yacht sailing life and trading market and share relevant information on the use of yacht marinas to promote the prosperity and development of Taiwan's yacht sailing industry.

  • Education and training matters of power/non-power yacht sailing training management.

  • Cooperate with the government's policy of revitalizing sea areas to promote marine and water sports. .

  • Integrate the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry with talents and resources to revitalize the industry.

  • Organize domestic and foreign exchange activities for yacht sailing and wharf industries.


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