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  •    SEEDMARINE is established in 2015. We have been dedicated ourselves to private yacht management to provide yacht owners with customized and the most delicate around services. Privacy is one thing we emphasize to enable owners to enjoy  carefree sea life. Leisure on the sea always let people forget about the concept of Time.


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  • SeedMarine Co.,Ltd was established in Badouzi Yacht Berthing Zonein 2015

  • SeedMarine Yilan Wushi base was established in 2018.

  • The number of yachts managed under SeedMarine reached 15 units in 2019.

  • The charter company NorthCoast under SeedMarine was established in 2019 to provide sea life & fun to wider range of residence or visitors in 2019.

  1. "SeedMarine Private Kitchen " was established in 2019as well, to provide owners with exclusive gourmet service on board.

  2.  "ASA Sailing School" and the "Taiwan Yachting  Association" were established in 2020 to promote sailing life and devote effort to education.

  • In 2021 , we took several groups yacht owners to explore Taiwan in depth. Owners took the chance to explore the real beauty inside Taiwan , the Formosa Island even under the pandemic time.

  • We established an exclusive interaction  platform for  owners to exchange precious sea experiences and host sailing trips via the platform

  • With great honor, SeedMarine became one member of  Asia Pacific Super Yacht Association in 2022 as well as  The Taiwan representative of Superyacht Logistics founded by Chairman Nigel Beatty . We hereby provide foreign Super Yacht Owners with down to earth all around services including berthing /management arrangement, tour guidance as well as refitting planning.


What SeedMariners do?

1.SeedMariners prioritize safety and fun

2.The total delivery record has reached 20K nautical miles up to date.

3. Delivery Experience from Thailand up toJapan.

4.Delivery Size: 34 ft to 108 ft

5.Delivery record from Hong Kong till Taiwan alone has been over 15 trips.

6.Serviced multiple SuperYachts from various countries which come to Taiwan for tour and refitting.

7.SeedMarine Private Kitchen has been praised with the name of Michelin level of gourmet on the sea.

8.Every SeedMariner(staff) has undergone trained with organized and strict company training.

9.Every SeedMariner is making great effort to pass several types of exams or certificates in order to be promoted according to company regulation.

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